Slot machine fans who like the five reel games may want to check out Pay Dirt (seen at right) which has always been a favorite of mine.

Admittedly I have not always been a big fan of RTG slot machines online but that has to do more with the reputation of the casinos than the games themselves. On that note please be aware I have tried  to list only the best of the RTG casinos which accept players from any location (check local laws if you are not sure about your locality but these casinos will pay to almost any location – if you have concerns check their website terms and conditions or contact their support either by phone, email or live chat).

Online slot machine information is provided for purpose of entertainment only and is not in any way meant to lure people to gamble. However if you do so, please do it in a responsible manner.

RTG Slot Machine Reviews

Real Time Gaming slot machines have fun bonus screen games such as Prince of Sherwood which features an archery contest or perhaps the Loose Caboose is more to your liking where you’ll get plenty of free spins from the loose caboose.

Three reel slot machines are also available. Check out Bonkers, Diamond Deluxe or Triple 7 Inferno for some fast action and decent return on your money.  They also have a machine called Sevens and Stripes which is a lot of fun but doesn’t make it on my list of the better returning slots.

RTG has a great video poker selection and blackjack is also very fashionably presented. There are none faster, so if its not dealing fast enough to satisfy you,  check the options,  you should be able to find your speed.

For those outside the states, you can play some of the best online slots which sadly stopped serving those in the US because of the hassles of trying to get payment to their players.

Please always remember if you have a problem with any casino which you joined from any site in this network to contact us via email and we’ll see about getting you some satisfaction.

Joining a casino from this network of sites not only comes with the cash-backed guarantee we offer but you arrive at the casino representing hundreds if not thousands of future players. Now consider arriving at the same casino from a search engine such as Google. In that case you arrive representing yourself and whatever amount of friends / people you can convince to avoid the casino, should it come to that.

Now suppose you were the casino owner and had decided to cheat some players in order to bulk up the bottom line.  Please note that the most common way people get cheated when playing online is by non-payment.  So you have two groups from which to choose. Those representing hundreds of future players and those that represent a handful at best.

Everything else equal, and it is,  the obvious choice is to not risk losing all those future players. So you got that going for you.

Slot machine information is being updated to reflect more on the play of RTG slot machines.