Whilst many Roulette players know how to play Roulette both online and online, with more and more online casinos adding a diverse range of different Roulette variants to their gaming suites some of the newer Roulette games which are appearing need a little explaining in regards to how they play, pay and operate.

This is where our Roulette game reviews section will come in handy, and as such below we have listed a great number of the more classical and exotic types of Roulette games which can be found at each of our feature Roulette sites, so if you have been coming across Roulette games which have had you scratching your head and wondering what they are all about then simply select any of the games listed below for a deep insight into how they play.

Remember that all of our online casinos showcased on our website will let you play the majority of their casino games completely free of charge, and this is a great way to put some of the variants you may never have played before to the test at no risk to your own money before sitting down to play them for real money.

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American Roulette – Now when it comes to playing Roulette online, then you will be wanting the best chance of having a winning session, so one game which is best left well along is the American Roulette variant, this game offers poor value by virtue of it having two zeros in play on the wheel and this will mean the American Roulette game has a house edge much higher than most other games, which for reference is a high 5.70%. If you want to see this game in action then the place to visit is the brand new Fairway Casino.

French Roulette – As you become a more experience Roulette player you will soon master the art of finding and tracking down the best paying and playing Roulette variants, however the undisputed number one Roulette game is the French Roulette variant as this has a special and unique game play feature which makes the house edge in play on this game one of the lowest available, why not give this game some playtime over at our fully approved Roxy Palace Casino.

European Roulette – The one casino game which you will find offered at every single online and land based casino is the European Roulette variant, this game is very popular as with just one single zero in play and as players have a large range of betting options offering various odds and payouts you can have hours of fun and excitement when you give it some playtime, and one online casino at which to play it is the Smart Live Casino.

Live Roulette – To ensure you get a fair and honest game of Roulette when you play online then you should consider playing at an online casino which offers you the game of Live Roulette, there can be no questions left to be answered when you play it as at all times in the game you can see what is happening before you own eyes via the real time, live video broadcast, check this Roulette game out now as one of our features Live Casinos such as Lucky Live Casino.

Mini Roulette – One game which may catch your imagination is the new game from Playtech, this leading online casino game software company are always coming up with very unique playing and paying games, and the Mini Roulette game has just twelve numbers and one zero on the wheel, so you will get better chances of actually picking that winning number when you play this great looking game, check it out now over at our top rated Playtech software powered site that is Genting Casino.

Global Roulette – The Global Roulette suite of games offer a fairly straight forward European Roulette type playing format, however the main difference between these and other Roulette variants which can be found online is that they are played against the clock, and as such you will need to be fairly quick when placing your wagers, you can however choose from several different Global Roulette games all of which give you a different amount of time to place your wagers onto the Roulette table. This game is currently available to play over at Fairway Casino.

Progressive Roulette – The progressive Roulette game offered at Microgaming software powered online casinos is the only game which cannot be played via a free play demo mode, as the game is a live jackpot game and a Sidebet is required to activate a range of bonus payouts, which start to payout when you get the same number spinning in more than one time consecutively. Should you fancy giving this Roulette game a try then look out for the Roulette Royale game which is found at Royal Vegas Casino.

Pinball Roulette – This is a fairly novel looking and playing Roulette game and when you give is a try you will notice that the Pinball Roulette game used a ball that does not spin around a wheel but instead drops down the screen and then finally coming to rest in one of the ball wells. This variant also boasts a gamble type game where you can choose to risk any winnings you won on the base game. If you fancy giving this Pinball Roulette game a try then you will not find a better online casino to play it at than Super Casino.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette – For a special bonus game when playing Roulette make sure you checkout the unique Double Bonus Spin Roulette game, which comes with a Yellow position placed onto the Roulette wheel, which is one and a half times as big as all of the other number wells, and when the ball drop into this location then you get two extra chances of winning. You can play Double Bonus Spin Roulette at Virgin Casino.

Triple Bonus Spin Roulette – You will find this Roulette game quite interesting as not only does it come with three zeros in play on the wheel but also a special Yellow ball well, and when the ball spins in and drops on it then you get three extra chances of winning via a special set of spinning lights, which will spin around and highlight three winning numbers, if you have wagered on any of the three numbers on the base game then you are a winner. You can play Triple Bonus Spin Roulette at Virgin Casino.

3 Wheel Roulette – Why play a Roulette game which gives you just one chance of winning when you can play one that will give you three chances of winning on each game you play, this is achieved by there being three wheels in play, however to play this 3 Wheel Roulette game you have to place three times the number of wagers on the layout, which covers every wheel independently. You can play 3 Wheel Roulette at Virgin Casino.

Hot Streak Bonus Roulette – For a special side bet feature when playing Roulette online one game you should never overlook is the Hot Streak Bonus Roulette game, as it lets you place a Sidebet type of wager on groups of six numbers, and should any of these sets of numbers you have wagered on spin in consecutively then a set of addition bonus payouts are awarded to you, which culminates in a massive 25,000 times you bonus bet amount! You can play Hot Streak Bonus Roulette at Virgin Casino.

Multi Player Roulette – If you want to play Roulette online with a community type of feel then try the Multi Player Roulette games as here you will be able to place your wagers alongside players from all over the world, and thanks to a chat room facility, should you wish to also interact with them, then you can do just that. You can play Multi Player Roulette at Royal Vegas Casino.

Premier Roulette – No matter what Roulette game you opt to play online you will want a first class gaming experience and this means perfect and crystal clear graphics, and this has led several of these companies to pull out all the stops to ensure these games offer this facility, and as such you will find the Premier Roulette games come with the best graphics you will find on any Roulette variant. You can play Premier Roulette at Royal Vegas Casino.

Grande Roulette – This game is a relatively new one and the main attraction for players is that you can programme the game to lay onto the table layout your own preferred set of favourite numbers, and then at any more you can simply click to lay these wagers without having to lay them one by one, thus allowing for a much speedier type of game play. You can play Grande Roulette at Fairway Casino

For the maximum number of winning opportunities when playing Roulette online one game which is a must play game is the Multi Ball Roulette variant , as when you play this new Roulette game you will be able to set in motion not one but up to then balls on the wheel, and as such you have ten times more winning opportunities than playing a standard Roulette game. So consider giving this Roulette variant a try the next time you log on to play, you will not get more winning potential than that! You can play Multi Ball Roulette at Virgin Casino.