Below are some quick facts about Rival Gaming software you may not have known. Included is explanation about the Random Number Generator, how Rival Casinos keep your private information private from all other 3rd party systems so there is no chance of your important private information being compromised.

Also included is a quick acknowledgement to their /”Identiprint/” which track every device connected to each respective casino.

  •  RNG certification by CertainKey based on Fortuna-based algorithm for highly prized /”cryptographically secure/” classification
  • Hardware-based source of randomness for RNG seeding, a far superior alternative to software-based sources
  • IdentiPrint™ device fingerprints that uniquely track every device that connects to each casino
  • Complete confidentiality as system works entirely within Rival servers and shares zero personal information with third parties
  • Rival ClassAct™ filter system for seamless awarding of promotions and comp points

If you reside in Canada you are excluded or are on the restricted country list.

The alternative choice is then to sign up at Real Time Gaming software – RTG Casinos – as these accept all players from all locations.

Be sure to read all terms and conditions and be willing to abide by them before you gamble your money.

I have no problem with any situation where I was told before hand and had my choice to take it or leave it.

Each casino does have terms which may be viewed as unpopular by the customer but that never is the case if the customer READS the T&Cs and is okay with them.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.