Fixed Odds Betting

Visit any bookmakers shop cross the land and you will come across around four fixed odds betting terminals in each shop, these machines are very popular thanks to the fact that you can win up to £500 on each game you play. The results of each game are completely random and this ensure you get a fair and honest game.

You may however be blissfully unaware that many of the games that are playable on these fixed odds betting machines and a whole lot more can be played online and from the comfort of you own home, and what is more is you can play for free or for real money!

Bet 365 offer a fully operational fixed odds betting site and this is where you need to head if you wish to try your luck on any or all of these exciting and fun to play fixed odds games. As mentioned you can play completely free of charge for as long as you want or should you be wishing to dip your toes in the water then when not play them for real money and by doing so you will qualify for an additional welcome bonus.

Full details of their current fixed odds bonus can be found on their website, and to tempt you with what they have to offer by way of fixed odds game below we have compiled a quick glance guide to some of their most popular games. So visit them today and give them a try.

Roulette Fixed Odds Game

It has to be one of the most popular fixed odds game of all time, the game of Roulette will see you picking one of more single or groups of numbers that you hope will be spun in on the next spin on the wheel. With stakes starting low for all you low stake players, rising upwards and ever higher for all you high rolling players you will be only a few clicks away from playing once you visit the Bet365 website.

Higher or Lower

You will no doubt have seen or played this simple game before, you simply have to decide whether the next number drawn from the drum will be higher or lower than the preceding one. The odds will be fixed depending on what the preceding number is and what the real chances are of either the next number being higher or lower. Plus if you make a winning wager you may opt to play on and keep increasing your winning, but only if you guess whether the next number is indeed higher or lower than the preceding one!

Spin It

There are several wheel based fixed odds games with are much like the game of Roulette mentioned above, but one that stands out over at Bet365 is the Spin It game, this is another fixed odds game where you need to decide where the wheel will finally come to a stop, guess correctly and you start your winning streak!

Chain Reactors

You will either love or hate the Chain Reactors fixed odds game that Bet365 offer, the aim of the game is simple and that is to amass a grouping of the same type of symbol on the grid as depicted on the pay table, if you are successful then you will be rewarded with a multiple of your stake, checkout the pay table as it is quite generous and offer low, mid ranged and very high payouts, so fingers crossed and here\’;s hoping those matching symbols start to group together!

Virtual Racing

Some call it cartoon racing but as the saying goes their is nothing virtual about a winner, and at Bet365 they offer you a constant stream of virtual races throughout the day and the best part about the virtual horse racing is that you will never see your horse fall over a fence or hurdle! These virtual races are run throughout the day and much like the real thing you can bet a horse to win, or bet each way or even bet on the forecast or tricast! All from the comfort of your own home, how cool is that!