For those of you that haven’t yet been to Las Vegas, and may be planning a trip there right now, then be aware that when you are using price comparison websites or even checking out individual casino websites for the price of a hotel room or suite, there can often be some nasty surprised hidden away.

They often take the form of what are known as resort fees and will only be revealed to you once you are in the final stages of booking, and they can be and often are way higher per night that the cost of your room or suite.

Resort fees are a great way for a casino resort to screw every last penny out of their guests, and whilst you can often have them waived if you have comped rooms being offered do you as part of any players club scheme, first time visitors to Vegas are often blissfully unaware of them.

Fortunately the Attorney General in Nebraska is taking the Marriot International hotel group to court over what he feels as unfair and underhand extra charges that are often lumped onto a guests bill when staying at for example any of their Las Vegas properties

Savvy slot players and gamblers in general that are planning to visit Las Vegas are of course aware of those resort fees and will do whatever they need to do to try and avoid paying them, which will often call for them to stay at casino resort located off the Las Vegas Strip or elsewhere in Nevada.

Just be aware though, that if you haven’t yet visited Las Vegas and want to do so one day soon, then you will need to factor those outrageously high resort fees into your budget, or you will find that they will make a huge dint into your slot playing bankroll for sure.

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