It was on the 10th of March in the year 49 BC that Julius Caesar decided to take his chances on crossing the river from the area he governed that being Cisalpine Gaul and invading Italy, and if you fancy trying to replicate his victory then there are plenty of Roman themed slot machines that are available online.

One slot that will possibly help you relive that day in history is the great playing Glory of Rome slot which is one of the older slot games designed and launched by Microgaming back on November the 26th 2006.

With coin value settings that go down to just one penny per spin it is a slot that all players can and will enjoy playing, but it is the free spins bonus game that every single player of that slot game is going to want to trigger time and time again.

You need to get at least three of the Gladiator scatter symbols making an appearance before that bonus game will be triggered and awarded to you, and once three or more of them have been spun in you will then be awarded eight free spins but will also be presented with nine shields.

You are tasked with selecting four of them, one at a time, and by doing so you will either be awarded with an additional 8 free spins per shield you click on, or a cash award worth ten times the amount you had wagered on the triggering spin.

Microgaming’s Glory of Rome slot has 20 optional pay-lines, and you can play 10 coins per activated pay line per spin, so the higher the stake you have chosen to wager on the base game the higher in value the potential payouts can be during the bonus game.

As you would expect it is the Julius Caesar character reel symbols that award the jackpot payout, which for reference is 5000 coins per coin per pay-line you are playing this slot game for.

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