I think it’s fair to say that by the time the Razzle Dazzle fruit machine was launched back in the 1980’s, the team of designers at Barcrest had got quite used to pushing the boundaries of their MPU3 micro processing technology, which many of the slots they launched before that one used.

In fact, that slot one was of many that was housed in their new high top, front opening cabinets that sure did strike a pose when you saw them taking pride of place in an amusement arcade or in your local pub, or in any of the many other venues that fruit machines could be found at the time.

It came with a feature trail, and as such what players were hoping to see spinning in as they played off each spin would be as many numbers overlaid on the reel symbols, as the more numbers that did spin in on the one single pay-line, the higher they would progress up the bonus trail, which is where the high paying features could be triggered.

Some players did have something of a love-hate relationship with the Razzle Dazzle fruit machine, for it was one that used the wheel type of gamble game on which players had a range of different gamble options, including low risk ones and high-risk ones too.

The fruit machine did come with both S10 coin mechs which accepted 10p coins and tokens, and it also boasted a Mars coin mech for higher valued coins too.

The cost of each spin was 10p and the jackpot was £3 too, and features that could be awarded via the feature trail included an Unlimited Nudges feature, a Lucky Dip feature and also a Special Series feature, which players would then see a series of winning spins being spun in once triggered.

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