What is a (RNG) Random Number Generator?

This is a computer program which was originally created for video poker machines that were found in any casino in Las Vegas or other legal (and probably illegal) places to gamble. It was created long before the internet.

However the program is so good that it is used to provide game results for all virtual gambling games of any legitimacy. The RNG is considered the gold standard.

How a Random Number Generator Works

It works the same way picking a name out of a hat works,  only instead of a few pieces of paper it is a list of all the possible outcomes of whatever game you’re playing, and when you press the action button (such as spin on the slots), it immediately stops scrolling through the list of possible outcomes and that is what you get as an end result of the wagered action.

The program goes through the list thousands of times per second so it is completely random in the return it provides.

Casinos using Random Number Generator

Casinos found listed on this site all use the RNG to provide the game results.