Probability are one of the leading mobile casino games software providers and they have been specializing in this market places since 2003 so they have vast experience in supplying a range of casino games which have the stability and player appeal to be played on any mobile device.

Next to the new Elite Mobile Casino there has been the Lady Lucks Casino surely the biggest site utilizing Probability powered casino games and if you like the idea of playing a multitude of player friendly high paying games where ever you happen to be via your mobile or mobile device then they are giving away to all new players a free no deposit required Five Pounds bonus to allow you to sample their range of games, and who knows you could turn that free fiver into a big win, so what are you waiting for give them a try today and see if Lady Luck is going to be kind to you today!

Probability Casino Games designed for Ipad, Iphone and Android

The Only Way is Slots – This is a brilliantly themed multi lined video slot machine which is sort of themed around a loose The Only Way is Essex one, so expect to see plenty of orange looking people with how can we put this delicately, medically enhanced bodies!

Loopy Lotto – This is a hot and often high paying game built around a 50 payline slot you will have plenty of winning opportunities with that many pay lines of offer.

Filthy Rich – This is a fun to play no nonsense slot machine which like the slot above has a huge number of pay lines in fact there are 50 of them on offer, look out for the high paying symbols get five of them on any activated payline and you will be quids in for sure!

Disco Dollars – Well there is no need to grab your glad rags to hit the dance floor on this fun to play slot machine but you could be partying all night if you manage to win the huge jackpot payout that this slot machine has on offer.

Pharaohs Fortune – This is an Egyptian themed slot machines as you may have guess from its name and these types of slot are proving very popular with players due to their potentially massive paying bonus feature rounds, check this game out when you next play at Lady Lucks mobile casino and it could make you your own massive fortune if the reels start to fall your way.

Poseidon’s Fortune – This slot machine is set deep underwater in that mythical palace and if you are looking for plenty of chances of have a decent sized slot win then we suggest you concentrate on playing this slot as it boasts a massive payout percentage and that means you will get plenty of spins for your money and more than a sporting chance of winning!

The Slot -This is a great slot machine to play if you are looking for something out of the ordinary it has a spooky or some would say scary theme running through out it and thanks to its many pay lines and that oh so special bonus feature round not only can you be scared senseless you could always win a tidy little sum also!

Treasure Island – A hunting treasure you will go if you opt to play this must play slot machine, either team up with the Pirate or go it alone but whatever you do make sure you do not leave any stone unturned in your quest to find that potentially massive jackpot payout, it is there somewhere and it could be you that finds it!

Sweet Treats – Here is a great slot machine to play more so if you have a sweet tooth! Being a high paying slot machine one thing you will notice whenever you choose to play it is just how much further your money will go on it, with lots of pay line combinations and these have generous payouts attached to them you will have plenty of winning spins and get the best value from your gambling budget.

Reels Of Fortune – As the name of this slot machine suggests you could bag yourself a huge fortune when playing it you can choose your own stake levels but you should always try and play maximum bet spins as this is how you will get the highest payouts once those reels start to spin your way.

Knights Quest – You will be stepping back in time to the medieval times should you opt to give this fun to play slot machine a try, you will hopefully be helping the Knight on his quest to avail both him and you of a great fortune, or perhaps he will find his princess, who knows, well you won\’t unless you decide to give it a few spins when you next log on to Lady Lucks brilliant mobile casino site via your mobile phone or mobile device.

Money Beach – Well everyone likes to take a holiday but as we all know getting some sunshine by laying on the beach is not always available when you get the urge for the suns rays, however you can now get plenty of sun and fun by giving this must play slot a try, and who knows if the reels start to fall your way you may be able to afford your very own holiday in the sun, give it a try today and see if your luck is in.

Reindeer Readies – Here is a great slot machine to play and it is found exclusively in Lady Lucks Mobile Casino, it may be set around a Christmas theme and whilst that time of year may seem a long way off you could find you get the chance to buy yourself plenty of presents no matter what time of year it is, and you will be doing that by cashing out a huge jackpot win but only if you manage to line up those jackpot paying symbols on any of its many optional pay lines.