Police over in Arkansas have become aware recently of lots of illegally operated slot machines within the state boundaries, and so far, they have seized quite a number of illegally operated slot machines throughout the state, but are now actively looking for anymore.

It is at convenience stores that those slot machines have been appearing in, and operators have found a way of offering cash prizes to players of their machines which sees them obtaining an amusement machine license for a type of machine that pays out tickets which should be exchanged for prizes such as cuddly toys as opposed to cash.

Many companies operate such amusement machines perfectly legally and you will find them in for example Chuck E. Cheese outlets and in Dave & Buster’s arcade, however what the illegal operators of those types of machines have been doing is allowing gamblers to exchange their prize tickets for cash as opposed to prizes.

It was back in April of this year that police first became aware of those slot machines, for a gambler had been playing some of them and had won a sizeable amount of cash but was then robbed of his winnings whilst leaving a convenience store.

In 2018 a vote was held in which residents could decide whether the state should allow casinos to be licensed and operated state-wide and that vote did see the majority of voters voting for the legalization of casinos in the state, however the technicalities and the regulatory framework is still being put into place for land based casinos.

The punishments that can be doled out for operating illegal slot machines and other illegal casino styled games in Arkansas is up to a maximum of 6 years in prison or fines that are capped at some $10,000, so the risks are there for those people willing to offer such gaming machines, but it would appear those risks are worth taking for some people.

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