The SLS Casino over in Vegas is about to be renamed, and having previously been known as the Sahara Casino, the current owners of the property, that being the Meruelo Group have decided to get rid of the SLS name and call it the Sahara Las Vegas instead.

The original Sahara Casino was opened back in 1952 and having visited it many times before it closed its doors, it was a great casino in which to play, and one that was steeped in history too.

However, time never stands still in Las Vegas, and after closing then selling off all the fixtures and fittings the casino did stand empty for some time, until the Meruelo Group brought it back to life, and gave it a completely new makeover.

Slot players who do visit the Sahara Las Vegas are going to notice that the fixtures and fitting still look brand new inside the casino, however, that is probably since slot players and gamblers in general have not been flocking to that casino.

So if you are looking to play slot machines in a casino which has plenty of slot machines, but not many players playing them, then that is certainly a  casino to add to your list of casinos to visit, however it is hoped that the new name will possibly bring in more players but that is yet to be seen.

It is also debateable as to whether the casino will still be around in its current form for years to come, for there is one thing that any casino does of course need and that is players, and lots of them, and that is something the management team have not been able to attract to that casino since reopening it, but with some luck who knows, those players may just start flocking to the casino once more.

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