For todays much younger slot playing generation, the concept of putting coins into a slot machines coin slot, and then having their winnings paid back out to them in coins is a completely alien concept.

TITO or Ticket In Ticket Out machines are now the norm in most land based casinos, and they have completely revolutionized the land based gaming scene, and do of course allow slot players to cash out their winnings, and jump onto any other slot machine they fancy placing in seconds.

However, one casino in Las Vegas still has plenty of coin in and coin out slot machines, rather than the next generation of TITO slot machines, and that casino is the El Cortez Hotel and Casino, and it would appear older slot players cannot get enough of playing those much older and original types of slots.

With currently in excess of 200 coin in coin out slots on offer on its gaming floor, the El Cortez Hotel and Casino is one that is famed for their selection of those older styled three reel classic slots, and many players when visiting Vegas do make a beeline to that casino to try their luck on those slots.

Whilst those older slots do not appeal to everyone, the casino doesn’t look like they are planning on getting rid of them any time soon, but when playing such slots, there is always the very real chance a slot could run out of coins, or players will experience a coin jam and that can and does cause a bit of annoyance with players.

But if you are ever in Las Vegas and fancy reliving your youth or stepping back in time, then a visit to the El Cortez Hotel and Casino is something you should do, but expect to be wandering around the gaming floor with buckets of coins if you do experience a winning streak when playing those slot machines.

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