It will be up to you where and when you play slot machines of course, however when you set about playing online, it will always be advisable for you to stick to playing at casino sites that are best known for having a large and very diverse range of slots machines on offer to their customers.

Therefore, what I would suggest you do is to look out for any online casino sites that utilize the Open Bet gaming platform, for by you doing so you are then always going to have a great selection of their slots to play, and the ones listed below are the OpenBet slots with the highest pay-out percentages.

It will of course be the highest paying slots that you will be eager to play when you come across OpenBet designed slot machines, and with that in mind make sure that you feature your eyes over their Astro Fruit which returns, over the long term, 96.00% of players stakes as winning pay-outs.

Some other slot games that you shouldn’t overlook, but with so many OpenBet slots on offer it is possible you would overlook them are the Sky Millions slot with its 95.80% RTP, the Atomic Fruit slot which offers paybacks of 95.60% and the Chain Reactors 100 game, which is not really a slot but a game worth playing on which the RTP is 95.50%.

There will often be plenty of slot machines and slot games that are themed around Game Shows, Films and popular TV shows too, and if you are a fan of watching Stargate SG-1 then OpenBet do have a slot that boasts such a theme and that Stargate SG-1 slot also comes with a pay-out percentage of 95.40%

The Planet X slot comes with fair and reasonable paybacks of 95.30% and the Cash Drop slots RTP is 95.20%, and three other slots from this designer which have been set to return 95.00% of players stakes as winning pay-outs are the Chain Reactors Super Trails slot, the Odds of the Gods slot and the Rumble in the Jungle slot machine too.

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