When playing online games for real money online the best way to get some experience is to play free slots machines from Microgaming with instant play or the full download version, no matter which option you choose these have exclusive top notch Free Casino Games features that tick all the boxes as trusted Canadian online casinos and for UK players.

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There are many reasons why slot players will want to play slot games online in a free pay environment. They may wish to simply pass some time, or try out a range of new slots they have never seen before or may wish to try out a new playing strategy.

When players switch over to playing at online casino sites they are given the option of playing most if not all of the slots available at Zodiac Casino sites initially for free and at no risk, which is of course something no land based casino will all you to do!

Plus, there are always going to be hundreds of different types of slots on offer at any Online Casino Canada, so all avid slot players are going to love playing at such a site for sure!

As that could a playing environment many players may never have played in before, players are able to get firsthand experience of playing all manner of different slots but in a no risk way, whilst they get used to playing online.

What I will be doing in this guide is introducing you to the many different types of free slots you can play online, and giving you an insight into what makes each slot game category different and unique, to help all slot players find a range of slots they will enjoy playing.

Comparing Free Slots to Real Money Slots

It was not that long ago that any online casino could set their free play slots to play and pay with a much higher payout percentages than the real money slots such sites had on offer.

The main reason why a handful of them chose to do so was to give the impression that their vast selection of slots was much better paying than they actually were! That is something that many gaming commissions and licensing authorities have since outlawed.

With that in mind one thing players are going to experience when playing at licensed and regulated casino sites are slots that have the same long term expected RTPs when they are playing them for free or when playing them for real!

Keep in mind though that some progressive jackpot awarding slot games may not be available to players wishing to play them for free.

That is due to the jackpots being fed by real money player stakes, so whilst some casinos will allow you to play progressive slots for free, when doing so the jackpots will be deactivated. But the rest of the bonus games and bonus features can still be triggered in the usual way.

When playing slots for free all winnings are of course paid out as demo mode credits, and players can still make use of any additional option settings such as the auto play setting.

Never Pay for Free Slot Play Credits!

Paying for demo mode credits is something that some free slot game players will end up doing, and that is something they are often inclined to do when accessing some slot game apps!

Those apps have been very cleverly designed in such way that as soon as players download one and start to use it they are given a set amount of free play credits. When those credits run out they are then required to wait several hours before they can top them up again for free.

However, they will then be bombarded with “special offers” via the app which invite those players to buy additional free play credits there and then but at a much reduced cost!

I strongly advise any slot player never to use such an app, for by simply signing up to any of the featured casino sites showcased throughout this website they are going to have access to an unlimited amount of free play credits.

Why people still do pay for demo mode free play credits when they cannot win anything is a puzzle to me, so please heed my advice and stick to playing only at online or mobile casinos that will give you an unlimited supply of free play credits.

Keep in mind that if you do end up paying for demo mode credit there is no way you can win real money with those credits, for you can only use them to play the range of slot machines on offer for free!

Playing Classic Slots for Free

I will now be moving onto enlightening you on the range and types of slot games that are available as free play slots, and I will start off by letting you know how free play classic slot games have been designed.

When playing such slots the playing structure and formats are all identical, that being they all only offer one single pay line and classic slots are designed with three stepper type reels too.

As such when any player sets about playing classic slots they will rarely find any bonus games or bonus features can be triggered, but often such slots may come with wild multiplier symbols that stand in for all other reel symbols and can boost the value of the payouts they help form.

Some of those wild multiplier symbols can also be multiplied by each other in regards to the multiplier values when two of them spin in alongside any third reel symbol!

Those slots tend to have a high variance type of playing structure and that means they can payout some large amounts of demo mode credits when those symbols do spin in. The pay table of classic slots will often reveal to you the type of variance the slot will play and pay out to.

Free Play 3 Reel Slots

To be quite honest classic slots, such as those I have given you an overview of above can get quite boring if you play them for any extended periods of time, and as such many player much prefer playing 3 reel slots for free instead.

The way three reel slots as opposed to classic slots have been structured and designed is such that you do still have a three stepper reel type of format in use on them, however there are often many more optional pay lines on offer, rather than just one single pay line.

The most common types of free play 3 reel slots are going to offer players 3 or 5 optional pay lines, and one thing to note about such free play slots is that each pay line can often have a much higher valued jackpot payout attached to them.

Therefore for a much more exciting type of slot playing experience I would advise players to play such slots with every single pay line on offer activated and put into live play!

There are a new breed of free play 3 reel slots however that some online casino sites have started to launch on their gaming platforms. Those slots have been designed in such a way that you get 27 ways to win in play per spin you play off.

Every single way of forming a winning combination is covered by the stake you are forced to pay when playing such slots, and that stake is usually a set increment of free play credits, so do be look out for those new slots as they often do come with additional bonus games and bonus features too!

Playing Video Slot Machines for Free

If there is just one type of slot machines you have time to play today for free, then I would strongly advise you to give the video slot machines category a try, for those slots tend to be some of the most fun to play slots available online.

The reason they do tend to be the most fun to play slots available online, is that the offer a range of bonus games and bonus features that can trigger and be awarded to you at any time, and as such players never know when they are about to be awarded one of them.

The bonus games especially tend to give players a much increased chance of winning some much higher valued winning payouts when compared to the base game of the video slots, so they are certainly exciting to watch playing off and could payout big too.

It s of course always going to be up to you and you alone just which free slots you do choose to play online or via a mobile app, but do always try and keep your options open and play lots of different slots when you have the time to!

Fun to Play Free Play Slot Machines

You may have noticed that some online slot sites and casino sites tend to only offer slots from one designer, and I would steer you to not play at those sites but instead select a site that offers a much wider range of games from different designers and suppliers.

That way you will come across plenty of fun to play slot games that have unique features and bonus games that only certainly suppliers games have on offer.

Therefore try and play at a casino site or slots site that does offer free play games from many different suppliers, as that way you can experience a playing a wide range of slots that are going to keep you entertained for hours.

If you are ever unsure about how a slot games bonus games or bonus features work and play off then simply consult the pay table or the help files attached to each slot for a full overview of the way in which each of them have been designed!

Free Play Slot Tournaments

Please be aware that there are a couple of ways that all online and mobile slot players are going to have the ability and option of playing slots for free but in a way that will give them the chance of winning some real money cash prizes or a set of bonus credits.

As such I will now pass onto you in this section and the one below a couple of ways you could win some large amounts of cash but when playing slot games for free and at no risk what so ever to your own bankroll and gambling budget!

The very first way of doing so is to look for online casino sites that offer a range of free to enter slot tournaments, and there will be plenty of slot sites and online casinos that will offer them by the way!

If and when you do sign up and register to take part in those no risk slot tournaments if you manage to score a high number of points when playing of your tournament credits and get placed high up on the leader board a bonus or cash prize will then be paid out to you.

Some casinos have free to enter slot game tournaments up and running several times a day, so you will get plenty of chances of winning one of them when you do make the effort to take part in lots of them each day of the eek!

Free Slot Spin Casino Bonuses

The other way that any slot players could win some cash when playing slot machines and slot games online for free and at no risk is to make sure they are on the lookout for casino sites they have not yet played at that are giving away sets of free slot spins to their newly signed up and newly registered players.

Those free sets of slot spins are yours to play off when you do claim them and any winnings you amass as you play off those free slot spins are added to your account either as cash credits which you can cash out or as bonus credits which will come with a set of play through requirements.

As long as all players follow the rules and follow the terms and conditions of claiming and then using a set of free play slot game credits they are then going to ultimately be able to cash out an winnings they make!