The most experienced slot game players know that at the end of the day, the very best slot machines for them to concentrate their playing efforts on are slots with high RTP’s.

The RTP is simply the percentage of players combined stakes that over the long term that is paid back out to players by a slot machine.

Many land-based casinos are not prepared to let their customers know what the long term expected RTP’s are on their slot machines.

The reason they keep that information secret is that often those payout percentages have been set very low.

Online casinos though are never afraid to let their players know what the payout percentages are on any slot machines they have available.

The reason they make that information readily available to players is that the RTP’s of most online slot machines are way higher than those found on offer on land-based slot machines.

You may be asking yourself why online casinos can afford to let their slot machines payback more to players.

The simple answer to that question is that the running costs and overheads of an online casino is a fraction of what it costs to run a land-based casino.

So, if you do enjoy playing real money slot machines, then you really should consider playing them online, to take advantage of those much higher RTP’s.

Which Casinos Come Highly Recommended?

There are plenty of casino sites at which you can play the exact type of slot machines that interest and excite you the most.

However, what you need to do and what I would always advise you to do is to carefully look at what each casino is offering you.

Not only should you be looking for a site that offers a huge and varied selection of slot machines, but also one that does make their RTP’s known.

Take for example Grand Mondial Casino, that casino site always has plenty of great valued sign up bonuses available and does publish all of their slot game RTP’s too.

With a generous loyalty scheme also in place at that casino site, all of your real money slot playing action is going to be rewarded by way of comp points.

What I personally do like about Grand Mondial Casino is that they also have a casino app, so not only can you play ant of their slot games online you can also play them on a mobile device too.

Plus, with a very constant roll out of brand-new slot games making an appearance on their online and mobile gaming platform and app, players do always get access to the very latest slot games too.

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