Slot game banking strategy for winning bigger and losing smaller is provided on this page and those to come. Please note that while some of my strategy has sound basis which few experts would argue, there is also the intangibles included in my recipe and for some, … they will balk at my idea as not having a mathematical foundation and I cannot disagree with their choosing to show caution.

It should be noted at this point I have acknowledged parts of my slot game strategy is about banking, otherwise said as money management which is truly the only control anybody has over the slot games with exception to progressive slot and the professional teams that exist to play them whenever a positive expectation value is achieved (when the jackpot gets big enough), and the rest are based entirely on gut-feeling and nothing could ever prove them true.

I am basically hedging my strategy for playing online slots based on banking and the proven theory of betting more when winning and less when losing, than on any kind of ESP or /”gut-feeling/” approach although I know I just wrote a disclaimer leading you to probably believe the opposite. Hang with me a bit longer and maybe you will find merit in my madness.

I usually start out at the $1 credit value (or the twenty-five cent credit value of the game /”Reel in the Cash) and then increase the value to either double or sometimes 5 times the $1 bet, whenever I have started to hit some wins and my bank roll allows my slot strategy for my wagers to be increased.

I back down my credit values whenever I have not hit anything for a few spins in concession or else I switch to playing another game. I never am complacent about /”waiting out/” a game to move from cold to something worthy of attention and I never continuously drop large credit value bets into a machine that is not showing any kind of promise.

I am quick however to move my credit values up whenever I feel I\’m going to get lucky or that I\’m currently experiencing a nice run of success. This more than anything else is in my opinion what has enabled me to play as much as I have enjoyed and not be so broke the collection agency opens up a branch office at the end of my driveway.

I think its important to point out that I said /”not be so broke/” rather than boldly claim I\’ve won way more money than I have ever invested or anything even remotely close to such bragging because it would be misleading you readers.

To be completely honest I do not really keep track of who’s ahead so I suppose its possible that I am. Please also take away from this page that I said /”enabled me to play as much as I have enjoyed/” … there is no mention of job, income source or that I can count on being a winner. Quite the opposite.

Gambling is entertainment and you pay to be entertained, not get paid. That too, should be part of your slot game banking strategy because even the casinos themselves will tell you that about 99% of the time they will come out ahead in the end with anybody who continues to give them the chance.