Before you go I think it is important to know how cheating casino scams get away with robbing players of millions of dollars every year.

The cheats have taken what was meant to be a valid approach to preventing money-laundering and now use it as an excuse to not pay players who make big withdrawal requests.

There is an identity check which all online players are subject to endure if they are chosen by the casino security team. Of course this means that nearly all large withdrawals are contested to the point that proof of identity (driver’s license) is required along with proof of residency (copy of a recent utility bill). This is no big hassle to satisfy if the casino is legitimate. However some shady blacklisted casinos are now using this security requirement as an excuse to not pay.

After the player sends the fax they hear nothing from the casino so they assume everything is okay. When a time has passed that the player feels they must contact the casino to see what is going on, they email support and receive a reply that the documents required for cashing out did not arrive in legible fashion.

This news pisses the player off naturally but unknown to the customer they are playing right into the casino’s hand if they respond with any kind of profanity. That is an automatic out of jail free card and shady casinos play it like the movie /”Its a wonderful life/” gets shown at Christmas time.

Enough stall tactics and eventually almost anybody loses their cool. These shady casinos can easily explain away what few cool-headed customers they aren\’t able to goad into self-destructing, or worst case scenario is if they are pushed into a corner where there’s no escape they simply pay the money owed and steal it from some other source which is less likely to be so adamant and methodical in their approach to dealing with the casino.

The second worst casino scam after the stall and do not pay tactic is probably the trap your money scam which all online casinos have play through requirements but some have become so unreachable that shady casinos are offering huge bonus offers to accompany the player’s deposit and these are so attractive that people are ignoring the play through requirements … at least until they are on the other side of the mountain and they\’ve played a considerable while but when they check to see if they are near completing the play through, they finally see how ridiculously impossible the terms were to meet.

So in a sense this is a matter of player education and once the word spreads or enough people get burned … probably both will happen, the casino scams will find another way of cheating players but in the meantime its something to be aware to avoid.

There is no guarantee that you will never encounter casino problems and hopefully not have to deals with gambling scams therefore this site as well as any in this network offers you recommended online casinos so you will get paid on all legit withdrawal requests or your deposit (most latest) will be refunded in case there is a valid reason for the casino to do this.

Further is that if I will continue to try and get the casino to pay you because if I am successful then I\’d like to see you been given back the money.  I will not cover a guarantee as your ultimate goal is you get paid for the entire winnings (the full amount of the withdrawal or instalments) and not to have your deposit refunded.

The trusted online casino sites represent thousands of players both present and future and no casino wants to lose that kind of number of customers to being accused just to rip-off customers.

If you have all well documented and the particular casino is not willing to reply nor compensate you as a player I will stop promoting that casino and its entire network if I feel they have cheated or tried to cheat one of my players and if you would like your story posted a new post will be created to report any problems or if worse a scam.

Simply contact me via email  with all the pertinent information: save a copy just in case your email gets lost or I some how miss it … you can resend a few days later. Or click the link below and your email will appear addressed to be sent. Just add your information pertinent to the situation.

Do not ever send me passwords as I will ask you for that if it is ever needed (and that is only if you need me to recover your play history because you can not)… which such occasion has not yet risen in 10 years.

Things that void my guarantee to help you :

  • Not having signed up at the casino through a link on my sites. Tracking is done by the casino and reported to me in their affiliate stats area. If you are concerned you can always contact me with either the account/user ID or write me the day you sign up and I can easily check for it then.
  • Abusing support agents: includes foul language or physical threats of harm. There is nothing i can do for you if you have been banned by the casino for pissing off the support agents. It is paramount you always remember they can ruin your day and never look back.

Confirm /”yes/” and your email should appear filled out and ready to be sent to me. Just add your info.

Please add my email into your address book now (info @ is my flagship) so that my reply is not deleted by ISP filters as spam. AOL is especially bad about censoring your mail without you knowing it, so please use a different address if possible than AOL.