No matter what your favourite sport is you are going to be able to plat a wager on it, and thanks to Bet365 you are not just faced with one betting opportunity per game or match, you can bet on a whole host of different wagering opportunities and below we have put together just a small sample of what you will find when you become a player of the worlds leading sports book that is Bet365.

American Football Betting

Many of the popular and no so popular betting opportunities are available and these include fill game lines, second half lines, second quarter lines and forth quarter lines, if you are serious about your American Football then make sure you checkout Bet365’s current odds they are some of the most generous found online.

Australian Rules

The number of different betting opportunities available at Bet365 on Australian Rules games is numerous and you will find they offer all the latest odds on such wagers as the first team to score, the goalscorers, whether the result will be an odd or even total or whether your chosen team will get an odd or even result. Other wagers include the winning margin, a double result or how about trying a scorecast?


Baseball fans will get their betting fix at Bet365 and the wagering opportunities including the first team to score, a double result, when will the most runs be scored plus little extras such as whether the game total will be odd or even plus many other unusual and not so unusual betting options.

Cricket Betting

Surprisingly Cricket is one of the most bet on sports and at Bet365 you can bet which team you think will win the match, who the man of the match will be, who will score the most sixes and other things such as batsman head to head and player performances.

Darts Betting

Not the most popular of sports, however darts does have a very loyal following and with many matches being played during each major darts tournament you will find a constant stream of unique and standard betting opportunities available when you visit the Bet365 website.

Golf Betting

Another sport that has millions wagered upon it each and every year is the game of golf, and Bet365 always offer generous odds on a whole host of different betting opportunities.

Each round of golf can and often does throw up some unusual results with many of the results being as you would expect, so for a chance to take part in the excitement of any of the leading golf tournaments make sure you visit the Bet365 Sportsbook and take advantage of not only their generous and up to date odds but also their equally generous new player welcome cash bonus.

Horse Racing

With millions of pounds wagered each day the racing world is a staple diet of many punters and with this in mind and the fact that there are so many bookmakers available both online and offline you are spoilt for choice.

Bet365 know this and they ensure the odds offered on all of the horse races run throughout each day are the highest possible and this ensure you will always get the maximum value when you are hunting around looking for the best prices and returns,. Checkout their website today and see both current and ante post odds on all major horse races throughout the week.