It has been a well-kept secret for gamblers wishing to travel to Las Vegas on a budget, that Norwegian Air have been offerings some ridiculously cheap flights from many European countries, much more so those that do not charge travellers excessive flight taxes.

I myself have travelled to Las Vegas plenty of times in the past using Norwegian, and many other people have too, the main secret for bagging the cheapest flights they offered was to travel to a country such as Norway, Sweden or Denmark via a short haul cheap flight if living in another country such as the UK, for a small fortune could be saved by doing so.

The problem with places such as the UK is that their air passenger taxes for those wishing to take a long haul flight are ridiculously high, so by making a quick hope from the UK for example to one of those low tax or no air passenger tax changing countries a small fortune can be saved on the cost of a flight to Las Vegas or any other U.S destination.

However, those good times are sadly coming to an end, for Norwegian it would appear have cancelled all their Las Vegas routes, and there is a rather bizarre reason as to why they have chosen to do so.

That reason is that due to the configuration of their new Dreamliner Aircraft, and the sheer heat of Las Vegas in the summer months, their planes have been unable to take off due to the heat during daylight hours, which has played havoc with their schedules, and as such rather that source new aircraft that can allow lots of passengers to board and still take off in the heat, they have chosen to pull their Las Vegas Routes.

All is not lost though, for Norwegian still do fly to places such as Oakland and Los Angeles, and as such anyone wishing to get to Vegas on a budget should consider flying to one of those two airports instead, and then getting a cheap internal U.S. flight that will take them onto Vegas, on an airline such as Spirit who are a low cost U.S. carrier.

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