Without a constant stream of customers playing their slot machines and churning through their bankrolls, the potential income of any land-based casino anywhere across the globe is of course going to be affected in a negative way.

That does appear to be something that Tribal Casinos over in New Mexico are currently experiencing, for a report recently released has shown that there have been a huge 10% drop in gambling revenues in New Mexico from the years 2012 up until 2018.

In monetary terms that is a drop in annual income from $69.7 million to just $62.8 million, and whilst those figures are still impressive the fact that they are on something of a downward trend, and have been for the last few years, many casino operators need to turn their attention to why those income levels have been dropping.

There are of course lots of reasons why gamblers will not keep on visiting the same venues they have always gambled at, some people tend to cut back their gambling activities when they are living on a much reduced income, and some others will find other gambling environments, such as gambling online or via their mobile devices.

Whilst online gambling is not currently legal in New Mexico, it may be just a matter of time before the powers that be there decide to legalize all forms of both online an mobile gambling that many other U.S States have done recently, but in all reality that is likely to be years away from happening, if at all.

It is not due to people moving away from New Mexico that has been causing those drops in gambling revenues either, for the population of the state has increased in real terms by 1%  in recent years, so whatever the reason casino operators are going to have to look at ways to increase the footfall in their venues if they are to ever have any hope of seeing their respective incomes increasing in value moving forward.

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