Multi-Hand video poker can make a dull game many times more fun depending upon how many games you are playing.
Increase chances of hitting the royal flush using multi-hand games.

If you’re like me and find video poker a dull game but find yourself migrating to it on those days when you can’t catch a win playing something else,  a good way to increase the entertainment value is to consider playing the multi-hand games instead of the single hand versions.

Chances of hitting the Royal Flush are increased exponentially with every hand you add to your game.

Playing Multi hand Video Poker For The Royal Flush

As you can see in the picture at the right,  (where the bottom hand is the original hand), you can see I opted to keep only three of the necessary five cards for a royal.  There were actually four hearts to begin with but I tossed the lower number card,  effectively throwing away the chance for a flush,  in trade for hopes of catching a Royal Flush. Which I did.

I don’t know what the experts would tell you is the smart play but it is my experience that if you go for the flush,  thus keeping four cards,   that usually you catch one of four hands to a flush.  Two if you’re really lucky.

That results in basically getting your money back on one flush.  You make a little on two.  Compare that to if you don’t catch a flush the best you’re going to get is a pair: to if you kept only the three face cards that you still could catch two pair or three of a kind which I believe in that picture it shows exactly such or similar instance.

Game shown in photo was won at a Vegas Technology powered casino.