Blackjack Mobile Game

Why play just one hand of Blackjack per game when you can play up to a maximum of three hands per game? Well that is what you can do on the Multi-Hand Blackjack game which is now available over at Lady Lucks Casino .

You do not have to play all three hands per game however you can opt to play one, two or all three it is completely up to you however if you are on a lucky streak then you will probably want to play all three hands of Blackjack and ride it for maximum returns!

Mobile Blackjack Game

As with all of the casino games offered at this high end mobile casino site you can set the stake levels that you are playing to anything you choose as long as it falls within the minimum and maximum bets allowed you will be good to go.

The quality of the graphics really do have to be seen to be believed and thanks to the easy to use game play control buttons playing it is a breeze and you will get the hang of it in no time at all.

The dealers rules are clearly displayed on the Blackjack table layout and you can stand, double, hit and split your hand just like you can in either a land based or online casino, so if playing Blackjack is your thing then Lady Lucks Casino will be the place for you to visit to play Blackjack on your mobile phone.


Blackjack Playing Tips

Knowing how to play Blackjack is going to be the key to you winning or losing but one handy tip for any player whether a novice or experienced professional is when the dealer offers you the Insurance side wager then you should decline it as it offers very poor value and should never be taken by players.

Another handy playing tip is for you to always split your Aces if you have been dealt a pair of them and never be tempted to split a pair of tens or any pair of ten valued cards, you should always stand these hands for maximum chances of winning!


Play The Blackjack Game

Should you wish to put the Blackjack game through its paces then of course you may play for free at Lady Lucks Casino simply sign up and log in as a free player and then you can get to grips with the game, we just know you will fall in love with it!

Make sure you avail yourself of the free bonus offer which is currently available to anyone who decides to sign up to Lady Lucks Casino today, simply visit their website follow the on screen commands and in no time at all you will have the game fully installed and will be able to claim that free casino cash bonus offer.