You will need to master the fine art of playing Video Poker if you want to have the very best chances of winning when playing these types of games on the mobile gaming environment, and in this part of our website we are going to introduce you to all of the currently available mobile Video Poker variants that you are going to come across.

Top Paying Mobile Video Poker Games

Knowing which cards to hold and which cards to discard when you are playing any Video Poker game comes with experience, however many mobile Video Poker games boast a special Auto Hold feature which takes the guesswork out of picking the best cards to hold in the first stage of the game of Video Poker.

So when playing these gaming machines make sure if the Auto Hold facility is available on the Video Poker games at the mobile casino site you are playing at you activate it!

Also many mobile Video Poker games will offer you a gamble type bonus feature should any hand you play result in a winning hand being dealt, taking this gamble option will affect, often quite massively, the actual payout percentage of the variant you are playing.

As such it is recommended that you decline the gamble option when and if it is offered and simply spend your time concentrating on playing the base game. Here is all of the currently available mobile Video Poker games alongside which is the payout percentages attached to each game based on the payouts attached to the pay table when you are playing maximum coin hands:

Aces and Eights Poker – One recent addition to the collection of mobile Video Poker games you can access on most mobile devices is the game of Aces and Eights, which has a large base game payout percentage of 98.72%.

Aces and Faces Poker – It is the pay table and available hand rankings that makes the Aces and Faces Video Poker game so very unique, and when playing this variant online you will find its RTP works out as being 99.26%.

Deuces Wild Poker – You may be forgiven for thinking that as all of the 2 cards in the deck of the Deuces Wild Video Poker game are wild then you will have plenty of winning opportunities whilst playing this game. Whilst that is very true the effect on the pay table thanks to all of the additional winning hands, and there associated payouts means this version of the game has a payout percentage of 96.76%.

Bonus Deuces Wild Poker – This is another variant of the Deuces Wild Video Poker game, however thanks to the pay table in force on this single hand variant it comes with a much large payout percentage than the standard variant, and as such when playing this game perfectly your long term expected payout percentage is a much higher 99.15%.

Double Double Bonus Poker – Another Video Poker game that Microgaming as now installed onto their mobile gaming platform is their original Double Double Bonus Poker game, now this comes with its own unique pay table and has a not so impressive RTP of 98.98%.

Jacks or Better Poker – Every mobile casino site will offer you are least one Video Poker game and the one most commonly found is the ageless classic game of Jacks or Better Video Poker. What is there not to like about this great playing game, which has the usual and industry standard pay table that will award a long term expected payout percentage of 99.54% to all players playing it with optimum strategy.

You will be able to play all of the above mobile Video Poker games for different coin and stake levels, however one thing that you must always do when playing any Video Poker game variant is to make sure that you activate and put into play the maximum amount of coins offered on each game.

This is critical if you want to be assured of getting the best RTP offered on each single variant, as the payout awarded for the maximum payout, in most case this is of course for the Royal Flush hand, is enhanced when players play maximum bet hands.