Mobile Blackjack Game

Mobile Blackjack Game

Before you just jump in with both feet and start playing any old Blackjack game on your mobile we should point out that you should carefully choose which one you play as not all mobile Blackjack games are of the quality todays players are demanding.

The Blackjack game variant that MFortune Casino has available however is perfect if you want a sporting chance of plenty of winning hands and a completely fair and honest game.

Blackjack Game on Ipad or Handy

You do not want fiddly little game control buttons and as such when you play at MFortune Casino you will see that these game play controls are large and very easy to both see and use.

Being a multi stake game this Blackjack version will appeal to everyone no matter what your gambling budget happens to be and you could always play for free if you just want to pass some time.

The aim of any game of Blackjack is simply to get a better hand than the dealers without busting, you will bust out if you end up with a hand totally over 21, so always bear that in mind whenever you play it!


Blackjack Playing Tips

One card that can have two values is the Ace card, it can count as a one or an eleven, however if you get dealt an Ace with any Ten valued card and these cards are obviously the Ten but also the Jack, Queen or King then you have what is known as a Blackjack hand and that will give you an enhanced payout of 3 to 2.

An Insurance side wager is offered whenever the dealer could have a Blackjack hand himself, however due to the house edge on this side bet you should always decline this Insurance side bet as it offers very poor value and will eat away at your bankroll if you keep on taking it! 

Play Blackjack On Your Mobile Phone

No longer do you need to visit a land based casino or be sat at home in front of you computer, by playing this Blackjack game on your mobile then you can play absolutely anywhere you please, and with free wifi being available everywhere you won\’t be worried about any data transfer fees that some mobile companies charge you!

Never forget that when playing for real money the aim is to walk away a winner, so always try and make a cash out when you have had a winning session and be keeping to a disciplined strategy you will have plenty of these winning sessions, just know when to stop playing and lock in a win!