Keeping good records of your gambling budget is wise, however many players can often lose track very quickly and want to check their game play and how much they are spending when playing at an online casino and it is of course highly advisable you keep a close eye on your spending habits when gambling in any shape or form.

All of the Microgaming casinos which are listed on our website have what is known as the Cash Check facility and this is very much like the type of system you get when logging into an online banking system.

Simply click on the Transactions History tab when you have logged into a Microgaming casino and you are then presented with several options. You will first see your account number for that particular casino displayed and underneath this you will find a drop down menu which allows you to select any of them to view.

The options in this drop down menu are as follows, your first option is to view all of the transactions made into and out of the casino, the second option is to view all of your withdrawals from that particular Microgaming casino, the third option is any Balance Adjustments that has been made on your account, the next option is any deposits made into the casino and the final option is any Currency Changes that may have been made on your casino account.

Once you have selected any option from the drop down menu you can then opt to view either the card transactions such as debit or credit cards or the entire transactions which includes things such as Ukash or any e-wallet type account you have used such as Neteller or Skrill.

You can then select a time period you wish to view simply insert the start date and end sates of the transactions you have made and then simply click on the Show Statement button and every transaction made will be displayed in real time.

The Cash Check facility is also an ideal way to track your withdrawals as you can see exactly the date it was processed or whether the transaction is still be processed through the system and this will let you know when you should receive your winnings.

Microgamings Play Check : audit your own game play

All of your deposits into the casino are done in real time and once processed and validated they should appear as cleared funds in your casino account instantly, however be aware that when you make a withdrawal processing times can and do vary depending on your chosen method of withdrawal.

If you are making your first ever withdrawal from the Microgaming casino you are playing at then you may be requested to supply some form of identification such as a passport and/or utility bill, some casinos verify you when you first sign up using such methods as checking the voting register for example if you are in the UK, if this is the case identification may never be requested as they have already verified you are indeed you!

Most casinos also have what is known as a reverse withdrawal period, this can be a few hours or a few days and they will not process your winnings until this time period has passed, this allows you to reverse any withdrawals and have all of some of them placed bank into your casino account should you get the urge to carry on playing.

It should be noted however that many casinos will let you by pass this reversal period and this is done by contacting the customer support team and having your withdrawal flushed. Flushing a withdrawal means it is removed from the pending state and placed in the processing queue therefore removing the temptation for you to play back and possibly lose your winnings!

So the best thing a player can do when they have made a withdrawal is to immediately contact the casinos support team and have their withdrawal flushed therefore removing any temptation to play back the winnings made!