When playing slot machines at any of our Microgaming software powered online and mobile casino sites, such as the highly recommended Zodiac Casino site, you will often find some of them have a gamble game feature on offer on them.

I am sure that if you have ever taken such a gamble feature you will have found them rather basic in their design, and not that appealing to be perfectly honest, for the standard bonus game feature are not that exciting to play off.

The way in which those gamble games work is not too complicated to understand but do keep in mind they are completely optional, and you will be able to take the gamble game whenever you have spun in a base game winning combination.

You are then tasked with having to try and predicted whether a playing card that is about to be dealt out to you is going to be a red one or a black one or you can instead try and predict what suit that playing card will be.

The pay-out odds on that basic type of gamble game Microgaming slot machines have attached to them are even money if you guess the colour of the next playing card correctly or your winnings will be multiplied by x4 if you can correctly guess the suit of the next playing card instead.

New Improved Gamble Game

There is however a much more interesting optional gamble game on offer on some Microgaming designed slot machines, and that is known as the Your Gamble feature, which is another completely optional gamble game that you can take when playing a handful of their slots.

What makes the Your Gable game so very unique is that when you take it you can then decide the pay-out odds you want attached to the outcome of that gamble game, and it is one that uses a new format as the way you can try and boost the value if your winning pay-outs.


When taking that gamble game, you will notice in the centre of the screen there is a globe type animation and inside that globe is a win arrow.

You much first decide what percentage of the globe you wish to have as a winning zone and a losing zone and the bigger the pay-out odds will come into effect when you opt to have a much smaller winning zone, so do keep that in mind.

Once you are happy with the size of the win zone and the odds being offered, you then need to select how much of your base game win you want to wager on that gamble game and then send the win arrow spinning.

If the win arrow spins and then stops and is pointing at the win zone you have won, conversely if it spins and then stop in the losing zone you have lost the amount of cash you wagered on that gamble game. Do look out for the slots offering that unique gamble game as you may just enjoy taking it from time to time.

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