Matt is now on day three of his Las Vegas vacation, and he has firmly got into the habit of playing a few slot machines first thing in the morning on his way to Starbucks for his breakfast. In fact, today proves to be quite profitable on that morning run as you will see in his video below.

He has plans to stay at a few casinos during this 14 day break and as you will see below he is currently stating at Caesars, which is not one of the casinos that are famed for their high slot machine RTP’s, but having said that, he is certainly on the right side of the curve currently.

The Lightning Link slot machines are proving to be his favourite machines right now, or at the very least the ones that he does tend to have plenty of luck on, so tune in below and see how he gets on.

It may surprise you to learn that Caesars Palace Casino has been around for many years, in fact it originally opened back in 1966, however plenty of renovations and refurbishments have taken place over the decades and it is currently a popular choice of Vegas visitors.

If you haven’t yet done so then make sure you subscribe to the Matt Bridger video channel, for he does visit Vegas regularly and always records his slot playing exploits and also lets you know places to visit that may just be of interest to you.

As for whether he ends the day in profit, well at times that is often impossible to do in Vegas, no matter how hard you try, but do tune in and see just how he gets on for he is certainly heading towards a winning day when you see how well he got on first thing in the morning.

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