Many people do of course visit Las Vegas each year, and someone who has been travelling from the UK to Vegas dozens of times over the years is YouTube vlogger Matt Bridger.

I always enjoy watching his daily vlogs that he produces during his trips to Vegas, and if you are planning on visiting any time in the not too distant future then you can pick up plenty of hints and tips on where to visit and where to stay when watching his videos.

His video below shows his first day of slot playing exploits as he plays a range of different slot machines, and as you will see he does have a fair amount of luck, but whether his luck will continue on the 14 days ahead of him, well we will have to wait and see of course.

What I did find interesting about the video above, is that he decides to rub a range of lucky charms that are located in and around the Caesars Palace Casino, in the hope that by doing so Lady Luck will saddle up close to him for his stay at that casino resort.

Just keep in mind though, that if you are trying to work out just which casinos to visit and which slot machines to play on any upcoming vacation to Las Vegas, the casinos located on the Strip are not best known for having above average pay-out percentages attached to their slot machines, but having said that, they all do have to pay-out at some point in time.

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