It is every slot player’s dream scenario, sitting down to play a slot machine and then watching as you spin in the jackpot paying winning combination, and that dream has just become a reality for two Canadian slot players.

Andy and Marlyne Dumoulin decided to try their luck over at the Treasure Cove Casino in Prince George last Saturday, unaware that Lady Luck was certainly going to saddle up to them, and that is what exactly did happen.

There chose to play a video slot on which a free spins bonus game could be triggered, and as luck would have it that bonus game did trigger, and then they sat back and watched as their winnings grew and grew, completely unaware of just how much they were winning.

Once the bonus game had ended they stared at the screen and couldn’t work out just how much they had won, eventually having initially thought they had won a small hand pay jackpot of  CAD$2,100 they came to the conclusion that they had won a tad over CAD$200,000.

However, it wasn’t until the slot attendant appeared that the true value of the slot jackpot was revealed to them, that being a truly life changing jackpot of some CAD$2.1 million.

As soon as the media became aware of their life changing slot machine jackpot win, Andy was asked to give an interview on Vista Radio, and after being asked what his plans are for the future, he announced that he had been planning to retire from his job in 10 months time, but would now be bringing forward that retirement date.

The jackpot has been fully verified and it will be on Thursday of this week that the lucky couple will be picking up their winnings from the BC Lottery Corporation office.

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