We are all probably guilty of being disobedient at some point in our lives however during the British rule of India disobedience was a very serious crime, and one that if found guilty of could lead to a conviction of many years banged up in jail.

Well it was on the 18th of March 1922 that Mahatma Ghandi was found guilty by British Magistrates in India of disobedience, and his sentence was 6 years imprisonment!

Now the British have long gone, and India is a democratic country and one that does have a very proud culture, and you can celebrate that culture by playing one of the many India themed slot games if you fancy doing so online.

One slot that is themed fully around the India movie scene is the NetEnt designed Bollywood Story slot game and being a NetEnt slot you are more than welcome to test it out at no risk at any casino sites that have it on offer to players.

When you do set about playing it you will discover it is a 9 pay-line slot and they are spread across its five video reels. It does however come with a fixed pay-line playing structure so all 9 of those lines do need activating and putting into play.

The minimum stake per spin is 0.09 and the maximum stake per spin of the Bollywood Story slot is 90.00 and with Floating Wilds and a free spins bonus game on which you could trigger 10, 20 or 30 free spin by spinning in three, four or all five scatters respectively it can be an exciting slot to play.

As for the jackpot, well when playing just one coin per pay-line the jackpot is some 1000 coins which when played on the maximum 10 coins per line staking option becomes a jackpot worth some 10,000 coins instead.

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