Powered by Vegas Technology, the Magic Monte bonus screen game is  a lot of fun.

If you have a good eye,  for like that game 3 card monte, where you have to follow the card to guess which one is the red queen, then this game can give you an advantage which is very evident whenever you look at the balance in your account.

magic monte slot game

The bonus symbol that triggers the 3 card monte game

When you see the bonus symbol come around on that third reel hope it stops because it will trigger the bonus screen round where you will have the possibility of getting a small, medium or large bonus.

In other words, it’s all good, just a matter of how much?

magic monte slot game in first round

If you look closely you can pretty well make sure you get the best bonus possible as opposed to most the rest of the bonus screen games.
agic Monte slots game

I like Cash Grab and Go for the Gold too) but those two along with most the others have a blind choose system where you\’re basically choosing from door number 1, 2, 3 to about 10,   where as the monte game you cut down the choices from a dozen (or so) choices to 3,  all this via the 3 card monte system of seeing the face of the cards first,  then mixing them up face down.  If you can remember,  you can get the best bonus possible.

Play Magic Monte Slot

Please note that the top picture which denotes a twenty-five cent game, is an independent shot. The other three pictures (that are not the bonus symbol) are of an actual event but the credit values were at ten cents, which as you can see the bonus paid twenty-five dollars, a righteous amount for only a maximum wager of thirty cents.