The Lucky 15 bet was put together due to the popularity of the Yankee wager, we have this bet covered in its own section but basically the wager is just like a Yankee bet except you are cover 4 additional wagers, these are four separate singles. Bet365 is the UK bookmakers that has that best options for these bets.

A Lucky 15 bet is a bet on which you need top pick several wagers to win or even be placed (this is an each way Lucky 15 bet) and these are then permed together in several independent wagers.

To place a Lucky 15 bet you need to pick 4 selections, you can of course cover any sporting events such as horses, greyhounds or in fact anything but each selection must be from a different horse/greyhound race or match, you cannot pick more than one selection running in a horse race for example.

A Lucky 15 is in 15 unique/standalone bets and these bets are as follows: 4 Singles. 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. With this type of wager you will have to pick just one winner to guarantee a return.

You need to multiply your base stake by 15 to arrive at the total cost of the wager. So for example a 10p Lucky 15 will cost you in total £1.50 and a £1 Lucky 15 will cost you £15 and so on.

If you manage to pick all four winners then you should will be looking at a tasty payout as by getting all four wagers winning means that all of your 15 bets are winners.

Many bookmakers also give you a bonus should you manage to pick all four winners when placing a Lucky 15 bet and this can be a percentage of your winnings accumulated and this can add a tidy sum more so if you have picked outsiders and they all win!

Horse Racing Lucky 15 Bets

Many people prefer to play a Lucky 15 bet on horse racing, as by getting all the winners in 4 races although hard is not uncommon and boy when they all win it can be a great feeling and can cost the bookmaker dear!

Picking the favourite in a horse race is what most punters do when placing a Lucky 15 bets as on average 33% of are won by favorites so you have a one in three chance of them winning!

But as mentioned the biggest returns are gained by picking the outsiders in a race but be in outsiders Lucky 15 bets with outsiders as the selections do not tend to be winners very often but as with most things in life they do occasionally come in and when they do a jackpot payout will be all yours.

Bet365 have a fully functional online sportsbook that allows you to place a Lucky 15 wager so if you are getting the urge to give a Lucky 15 bet a try then why not get over to their website and give them a try they will flip you a generous bonus based on your first deposit amount.

Soccer Lucky 15 Bets

You can choose to pick any sporting event as your selections and the majority of land based and online bookmakers will be more than happy to let you place a Lucky 15 wager on soccer matches, so if you think several teams are due are win this week or cannot lose then get them permed together is a Lucky 15

Golf Lucky 15 Bets

Lucky 15 wagers can also be placed on Golfing tournaments so if you are a fan of golf and have some strong views on who you think will win then give one of the betting types a try.

You will find odds offered on golf are fairly low, however a win is a win and if they are permed together they can soon add up! Go on give a Lucky 15 bet a try today and let’s hope you make some winning selections.