There are risks attached to playing networkwide slot machines that are on offer at lots of different online casinos, for with so many players playing them, any player could end up winning the jackpot on a slot you have been playing for any length of time.

But there are of course both good and bad times to play progressive slots, and one slot that is popular with players is the LotsaLoot slot, which you will find is a Microgaming designed online slot, so casinos, both online and mobile ones that use their gaming platforms and apps will have it on offer in their slot game menus.

The way that slot has been designed though, is that it is a 3 reel 5 pay-line slot, which is also offered as a 5 video reel 25 pay-line slot, but no matter which one of those two variants you play, both of which share the same jackpot pool, you need to wager 2.50 per spin in the currency you have your casino account set at, to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

The average jackpot is won on the LotsaLoot slot game every 11 days or so, and as of today the jackpot hasn’t been won for 18 days, so it is currently a week overdue, however players haven’t been playing it as much as they usually do.

I say that as the current jackpot is valued at £25,611 but the average jackpot won on that slot is around the £26,011 and that difference in values and the number of days that have passed since the jackpot was last won does tell its own story.

So if you are thinking about playing that slot, then maybe the best strategy will be for you to wait until that jackpot grows in value by another 1,000.00 or so before you get stuck into playing it, but the slot is of course completely random so it could be won at any time.

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