You should never overlook any of the slot machines that are available to you over at Grand Mondial Casino, for there are some excellent slot games on offer, many of which are older video slots but are still worth playing even to this day.

Take for example the Loaded slot, now that slot is a fully configurable slot machine and one on which you are going to have the option of playing as little as one single pay-line, or conversely you can play any number of lines up to the maximum of 25 pay-lines in total.

The stake levels including the coin values are adjustable, so I doubt you are going to find it an expensive slot to play, as long as you do keep the coin values and the number of coins you wager per spin on your chosen activated pay-lines set low.

What does however make the Loaded slot unique is its bonus game, for you will first need to spin in three or more of the scatter symbols and by doing so you will then be given the option of playing off one of three different sets of free spins, and below is an insight into just which ones you should select, based on the level of risk you want to have in play.

Which Free Spin Option to Select on the Loaded Slot?

The options that are available to players of the Loaded slot once they have triggered the bonus game are a set of just 12 free spins, but they will have attached to them x4 multiplier values.

The second option is a set of 18 free spins, and they have a slightly lower multiplier value attached to each free spin played off, which is a x3 multiplier. The third option however is a set of 24 free spins and when playing them off x2 multipliers will be in play.

As for just which free spins bonus game option you should be selecting, well if you are hoping to win big from its bonus game then I would always advise players to go for and select the high variance set of free spins, that being 12 of them on x4 multipliers.

However, if you are after a low risk set of free spins then opt for the 24 free spins on x2 multipliers, the middle option is for players that want a medium variance type of free spins bonus game, but one with some luck in playing could see them achieving some high valued bonus game winning pay-outs.

As the Loaded slot at Grand Mondial Casino comes with a payout percentage that has been set at an above average 96.29%, then it is always going to be a slot worth playing thanks to its high RTP.

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