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If you have ever been in a bookmakers shop and placed a last minute wager and then found yourself at the back of the queue at the betting window only to have you wager refused by the cashier due to the racing having just started a few seconds ago, then suffered the indignity of then watching your selection romp home then you will no doubt know the bad taste this experience leaves in your mouth!

If this has happened to you then you no longer have to suffer the financial loss as over at the UK’s leading betting site Bet365, you can now place a wager before or during not only a horse race but also on a plethora of other sporting events, this allowing you to never miss out on what will hopefully be a winner bet!

Full In Play Betting Service

Bet365 pride themselves on having one of the most comprehensive in play betting markets found anywhere online, and this is in no small part to their team of in house odds compilers who work second by second adjusting and updating their live odds, it really is a magnificent service they offer and is well worth you checking out if you fancy pitting your wits against them.

In Play Betting Markets

Apart from both horse racing and soccer markets Bet365 also offer you many in play betting opportunities and these include Cricket events, Tennis events, Beach Volley Ball (yes you read that correctly Beach Volley Ball!), Hand Ball, Hockey, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Snooker plus many many more, so as you can see choice is the key word over at Bet365’s in play betting service!

Bet During A Sporting Event

If you are a fan of soccer, a like to place a wager before the game starts that is all well and good, however how do you like the idea of being able to place an additional or stand alone wager as the game progresses.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then make sure you checkout the live in play betting opportunities that are always available over at Bet365. They have a while host of exciting and many would say tempting betting options which only kick in once the soccer match has started

You can place a wager on the outcome of the soccer match, the next team to score, whether or not any team will score, you can even wager on who will be the last team to score or whether the match will end in an even number of goals or an odd number of goals, the odds will continually change during the game to reflect the chances of any event happening, and this is where your skill and judgement truly comes into play.

Many savvy punters will utilize the in play betting opportunities to cut their losses if they feel that a wager made before the off is highly unlikely to win by placing a live in play wager, in fact several punters will lock in a profit thanks to the myriad of betting propositions that kick in during a soccer game.