There is always a lot of interest in slot machines that come with some form of celebrity theme, and there is one slot that you are bound to find appealing and will be tempted to play when you come across one of them, and that slot is the Seinfeld slot.

Larry Thomas recently gave that slot machine a good looking over, and as you can see from the photo above, he did look quite happy with the look of it, and being a slot than many casinos do have on their gaming floors, it may just be a slot machine that you may just fancy getting stuck into playing.

In fact, let me quickly give you a run through of what makes that slot machine so highly playable slot from a slot players point of view, and do also watch the following video to see for yourself just what a fun to play and exciting slot to play it is too.

If you are wondering just which slot machine developer launched the Seinfeld slot is was Scientific Games, who have been busy buying out many other slot machine developers over the years and as such now have a huge portfolio of games.

The stake levels are going to be adjustable up to a point for you cannot alter or adjust the number of pay-lines you have in play when playing this slot, but you can play around with the number of coin increments you wager per spin.

Obviously you should always play this slot for a stake level that you can afford, and the more spins you can get out of your bankroll the better, for you have much more chance of triggering a bonus game when you play off a large number of spins, even if those spins are being played for minimum stakes.

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