You should always be keeping your eyes peeled for any progressive jackpot slots that could be about to pay-out their jackpots, for if you do spot one that is overdue, and hasn’t paid out its progressive jackpot for quite some time, it could be the case that it will do much sooner rather than later.

One slot that has caught my eye today is the King Cashalot slot, you are going to find that slot is on offer at casino sites and apps that utilize the Microgaming network of slots, and with its jackpot currently hovering around the £796,369 it sure does look a tempting slot for players.

In fact, it will become a lot more tempting for slot players that like facts and figures about such slots, for the average jackpot that the King Cashalot slot pays out to winning players is £655,208, which does of course mean that its current jackpot makes it well overdue to be won.

It is also interesting and needs pointing out that the average number of days between the Liking Cashalot progressive slot from Microgaming awarding its jackpots to a lucky player is once every 203 days, and as the jackpot hasn’t been won for over 708 days as of today that is another reason why it may just be worth trying.

All jackpot winners who hit the big one playing Microgaming designed progressive slots have the added peace of mind in knowing it won’t be very long before they get paid out their winnings, as Microgaming have very strict rules in place which state that any progressive jackpot winner should be paid out in full and rapidly too.

The only downside of playing that slot however is that you are required to wager £2.25 or the same amount in any other major currency per spin, to have a chance of winning the jackpot, play for lower stakes and you will have no chance of winning the progressive jackpot at all.

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