This is our guide to playing Java Mobile Slot games, if you are new to playing mobile games and have an older type of mobile device or mobile handset then please have a good read through this guide as it will enlighten you to some of the best Java compatible slot games available whilst showing you just how easy they are to play.

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Top Java Compatible Slot Games

Below is a small yet diverse collection of the most popular Java compatible mobile slot games, you will find they come as simple three reel slots, bonus video slots as well as progressive slot machines and as such you are guaranteed to find plenty of them which suit your playing style!

Fruit Fiesta – Should you be hoping to win a progressive jackpot when playing slot games on your Java enabled mobile phone, but be looking for a low stake game to play then the Fruit Fiesta mobile slot is one great game to play. It is a one line, three coin slot with fixed stakes of just 0.25.

Mermaids Millions – There are several video slots which come packed with bonus games and bonus features and one that can always be accessed on a Java enabled mobile phone is the Mermaids Millions game which has both a pick to win bonus game and a free spins bonus round.

Pub Fruity – Many mobile game players prefer the Fruit Machine slots, and when you access a Microgaming software powered mobile casino site you will find their classic Pub Fruity game on offer, which has Holds, Nudges and a Number Trail to increase your winning chances.

How to Play Play Slot Games on a Java Device

If you have an older device, or simply do not want to download any software to your device, there is an alternative : Java.

Many, many websites, games and Apps require Java, or a compatible interface such as Apple or Androids variation to ensure that the content actually works. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is essentially just a different language, a bit like how Windows reads data in .EXE and Apple reads in .HFS.

Imagine having 3 identical books, one in English, one in French and one in German. You can read the one in English, however no matter how you try, you\’re just not feeling the French or German language. This is essentially how your devices feel when given software in the wrong language.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, as things have come a long way since 1995 when Java was first born, and now, Android, Apple, Blackberry and pretty much every player on the Mobile Operating System (MOS) market has their own variation of the Java language operating somewhere at the back end of the software, and as such, I\’d reckon quite conservatively that 90% of mobile devices are able to run Java powered Apps and software.

So, if you\’re feeling the need to have a flutter on the slot reels, Roulette Wheels or Blackjack decks, you will be pleased to know that most casinos offer a selection of their games in Java format, so they can be quickly and easily launched in your web browser.

While not all default browsers support Java, you can always go to the App Store and download Google Chrome or Firefox which should be compliant. It only takes a few minutes, and you may find you actually prefer them to your default browser.

Upon finding the game you want to play, simply launch it, and if you\’re not logged in, or a member of that specific casino, you will be offered the chance to sign up or sign in, or you can just play as a guest with free credits!

If you are struggling to get the game to launch, all is not lost, it just requires a little bit of troubleshooting. First off, make sure all of your software is up to date, this includes your OS, and if you go into your phones settings, somewhere in there, you will find the About Device menu, enter it and hit your OS version. Once here you will have the option to check for updates. If there are updates, you will be able to download them.

Also, for phones that are using actual Java, it may be possible to update it. This should work in the same way, but to be sure, check your devices user manual.

Once everything is up to date and you\’ve tweaked everything you need to, you should have yourself a lean mean gaming machine that allows you to play without having to download a load of bulky software. Good Luck!