Should you be out and about and see people tapping away on their iPhone screens, then they might just be playing the large number of iPhone compatible slot games which are available to play at all of our showcased mobile casino sites.

There are lots of choices in regards to the type of iPhone slots you play and in this part of our website we shall take a look at just what is on offer whilst also telling you just how easy it is and then benefits of playing slot games on any model of iPhone.

Top iPhone Compatible Slot Games

Below are three of the best iPhone compatible slot machines that we have found available, these slots can be found at Playtech and Microgaming software powered mobile casinos and should give you a fully rounded slot game playing session and of course more than enough winning opportunities!

Safari Heat – A multi line bonus video slot that is guaranteed to give you both entertaining slot playing sessions and some very rewarding ones is the Safari Heat iPhone compatible slot game which you will find on offer in all mobile casinos powered by Playtech mobile gaming platform.

Thunderstruck – There are plenty of winning opportunities on offer when you play Microgaming’s Thunderstruck slot machine, this game is one of their popular online casino games which is now instantly available to anyone accessing a Microgaming mobile casino site on any iPhone, a large jackpot and lots of free spins can be won and triggered when you play it.

Gold Rally – There is a huge and ever rising jackpot that you will be playing for when you play Playtech’s Gold Rally iPhone compatible slot game, a simple slot to play but one that can, and often does deliver a mega payout.

Playing Slot Games on an iPhone

Depending on which generation of iPhone you are using, you will have to do things slightly different, but on the whole, the method is the same, just in a slightly different order!

As Apple doesn’t tend to play nicely with others, the only way you can really play slots on your iPhone is to download them from the App Store. These Apps are generally very small in size and only get bigger and bigger when you add more and more games to the suite. So if you only play a couple of slots and European Roulette, the amount of space taken will be negligible.

Now, I take it that you know how to use your App store. Simply search for your casino of choice, or if you have a flyer or see an advert with a Q Code, download a reader and scan the code. This will take you straight to the games web page and from here you will be able to download the App.

If downloading an App is not appropriate for you, for whatever reason, it may be possible for you to access a Java version of the games you want to play, however, as I mentioned above, Apple doesn\’t play nicely with others, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying \’Java’s not worth building in.

Nobody uses Java anymore. It’s a big, heavyweight ball and chain\’. Now in the world of Mobile devices, that statement is quite bizarre as Java is needed by mobile devices and whether it’s from the front end or the back end, there are no 2 ways about it: Java is required.

Now, back to Apple’s not playing nice with others, Apple does prefer being left to its own devices, and to do things its own way (just do not rely too much on any maps it offers you!).

As such, although the phone doesn\’t officially support Sun Microsystems Java, the iPhone will most likely come with a Java compliant emulator so to speak, this will be able to read the language of the game. After all, all web browsers on mobile devices have some form of Java script at the back end.

When doing it like this, it may be touch and go, and you may need to find an independent Java alternative in the App store, but once you get it up and running, I\’m sure it\’ll be a doddle and you won\’t have to worry about downloading