Sitting on the sofa with your trusty iPad perched delicately on your lap is something most owners of these devices can readily relate to. An iPad can of course be used for many things and one way of using them is to access mobile slot games of which there are plenty of them to choose from.

Best IPAD Casinos

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This brand new way of playing slot games is proving very popular with casino game players and below we have compiled everything you need to know in regards to playing iPad slot games seamlessly and instantly!

Top iPad Compatible Slot Games

Should you no longer be able to resist the lure of playing real money iPad compatible mobile slot games then have a look through the beauties we have given an overview of below, they can be found at all mobile casinos using Playtech or Microgaming’s state of the art mobile gaming platforms.

Tomb Raider – Microgaming’s Boob Raider, I mean Tomb Raider slot is one of the most popular video slots they have to offer on their mobile suite of games, it offers a really generous jackpot, free spins and a picking bonus game. Unfortunately, no one’s released a patch to remove her top!

Mermaids Millions – When we think of Mermaids, we normally end up with memories of Pat Caroll singing Poor Unfortunate Souls after smoking 80 cigarettes, however, Microgaming have ensured there are no tortured souls here. Instead, you have an excellent playing slot with Picking Games and bonus free spins round.

Desert Treasure – This is one of our all round good players. This Playtech slot offers you a huge array of features, as well as very variable stakes, there is not much this slot doesn\’t offer except a flight to explore the tombs!

Mega Moolah – This zany progressive slot from Microgaming is bound to raise a few smiles and eyebrows! There are 4 progressive jackpots, wilds, free spins and scatter pays up for grabs on Mega Moolah, so do not wait, get spinning!

How To Play Slot Games on an iPad

The iPad fortunately has no phone capabilities, imagine if it did, it would be like a scene from Trigger Happy TV! The iPad runs on a similar OS to the iPod Touch and the iPhone, and as such has the same kind of capabilities, but at the same time has completely different demands.

The iPad is far more powerful than the iPod Touch, and as such has a wider variety of Apps available for it. Some of these Apps are Apple Approved Casinos, and they can be found in the App store absolutely anywhere you have a connection. They can also be found using a Q Code scanner if you find a Q Code leading to one.

Upon downloading you will be able to browse all the games on offer and download only the ones that you want to play by tapping them this will keep your iPad free of games you wouldn\’t normally play.

Should you not wish to download the games, you can try and get the Java games to work, but this could prove to be time consuming, as Apple being Apple have restricted use of 3rd party content from their rivals. However, you can get around it by looking for Java emulators which should force your device into accepting the Java language, and forcing it to use Java at the back end.

If you manage to get the Java games working, you will find that they play identically on your device as they would on your computer, the only difference is that the games ‘streamed\’ so to speak from the server, as opposed to locally sourced from your hard drive.

Should you want a longer session on your iPad, then make sure you have a decent amount of juice in the battery, as online gaming can and will guzzle battery life.