NetEnt are a slot and casino game designer whose range of slots and gaming platforms are used by a huge and ever-growing number of casino operators.

With such an impressive back catalogue of slot games, there is no doubt in my mind that if you are an avid slot player, you are going to have an absolute ball playing the range of NetEnt slots, which have been designed to be completely unique ones, rather than clones copies of each other.

One category of slot game that NetEnt has launched over the years are their progressive jackpot slots, and as you would expect when playing those slots you will have a chance of winning a huge valued progressive jackpot, if you play them in the way they have been designed to award those jackpots to players of course.

But some of their progressive slots are not designed to award their jackpots that regularly, and that is certainly the case with their Arabian Nights slot.

When paying that slot, players will need to see spinning in five of the Wild symbols on a pay-line to be awarded with the progressive jackpots displayed on the jackpot meter, and 4.5% of players stakes are being used to feed that jackpot pool, of which 10% of that cash is set aside for the seed value of that jackpot, which is what the jackpot resets to once won.

Players may fancy trying their chances playing the NetEnt designed Arabian Nights slot game, but a quick glance at the previous jackpots awarded on that slot show that on average the jackpots awarded to players are valued at €1,265,778, and on average 156 days pass in between the jackpots being won.

As such the best time to play that slot is when the jackpot is overdue, that being valued at over €1,265,778.

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