When it comes to theming a slot machine around a well-known blockbusting film, it is often the producer of that film that will ultimately have to give their approval as to whether to agree to it being used as the basis for any slot machine.

But, such producers do also need to keep in mind the wishes of the actors in those films too, for often it will be the actors and actresses faces and images that will be used as some of the reel symbols on such slots, and when Tara Reid first discovered that a Sharknado slot had been launched she filed a lawsuit demanding compensation and damages for her image to be used on that slot.

However, she has now dropped her court case, and that is probably for the best for it could have led to that slot machine being withdrawn if she had won her court case or the slot being completely redesigned without her image, but that was not to be the case fortunately, for the slot game designer, which for reference is Aristocrat.

One of the actors in the Sharknado film that does appear to be quite chuffed with the way it plays and pays and one that was very happy to have his photo taken with that slot when it was launched was Ian Ziering.

Look out for his image on that slot game if you do decide to give it some play time, but I would also advise you to take a look at the pay table of the slot game too,

By doing so and studying that pay table you will discover just what you could win when playing it, and also get some ideas of how the bonus games, of which there are many are going to be triggered and awarded to you and how they will play off too.

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