People often wonder if there are ways in which you can be assured when playing a mobile casino or for that matter any type of casino, well as you are always playing against the house edge a surefire winning session can never be guaranteed but when it comes to putting in place a strategy that will lock in a profit or limit your loses this is the next best thing.

In this article we shall take a quick look at some money management tactics which will limit losses or guarantee a winning session when the card or reels begin to fall your way and also give you a few hints and playing tips which you should consider putting in to practice, like we say you cannot guarantee winning when you play at a mobile casino but you can definitely put into play some short and possibly long terms winning strategies.

Let us first take a look at your bankroll and you should know how to manage it before you even think of starting to play, first work out how much your gambling budget is for you gambling session then divide this amount by 50 if you are playing card or table games or one hundred if you are playing slot machines, the figure you arrive at will then become your unit stake which you will be playing each hand dealt or spin of the reels for.

Next you should aim to at least increase your starting bankroll, should you be playing and achieve this then that is the time to stop and begin the process again on your next session, if your bankroll decreases through a bas run then also use this 50% figure as your stop loss, when your bankroll is half what you began with call it a day and walk away with some funds left to play another day, keeping to this discipline will increase your chances of winning and not leaving the casino broke!

Many players look at bonuses as one way of reducing the house edge by virtue of the fact that you are playing with the casinos own cash, it is worth you remembering that all bonuses will have some form of play through attached to them and it is this that you need to checkout to see if you do indeed stand a chance of making it through the play through with enough money left to cash out, not all bonuses are as good as they first seem!

Below are some popular mobile casino games along with a few hints and tips for the best way to play them, have a read through them and see if you can put any of these tips into play when you next log into a mobile casino for a bit of a gamble.

Mega Moolah Slot – This is a progressive slot machine however as the way in which you win one of the four progressive jackpots is not the standard way you can play this slot for very small stakes and still be in with a chance of winning the progressive, so handy tip number one is do not feel you have to play the Mega Moolah slot on maximum bet spins as you can still win a progressive on smaller stake levels.

Double Magic – These kind of three reel slots often payout an increased jackpot when you are playing the maximum number of coins per spin, so our tip for playing this kind of game is to find a coin value that you are comfortable with and then play maximum coins on those values.

Fruit Fiesta – With the progressive jackpot on this game only being activated by playing maximum coins you should always play with them all in play, by playing less than the maximum three coins per spin if you did line up the jackpot paying symbols you will get paid out a much smaller payout and not the current live progressive jackpot and that will hurt you!

Mermaids Millions – This game has a bonus picking round and to trigger it you need to line up three bonus symbols on any activated payline consecutively, so you will stand a better chance of hitting them when you play all pay lines, reducing them down to one will rapidly decrease your chances of triggering this bonus feature round.

Pub Fruity Slot  – With this game being a fruit machine some land based players who play them in pubs and clubs may think they can force the jackpot when playing them however as these types on mobile casino slots have a much bigger game cycle it is not always possible to force a jackpot so try not to try doing that!

Thunderstruck Slot – Many players love this old video slot machine and as it awards free spins via its bonus feature round you are best playing maximum lines and maximum coins per line, as by doing that when the bonus game is triggered you will get the best possible payouts.

Jacks or Better – The pay table indicates how much you will get for each poker ranked hand when playing this video poker game and a quick glance at it will show that a maximum coin game has an enhanced jackpot of 4000 coins, so always and we mean always play with maximum coins in play, even if this means reducing the coin values so your bankroll can handle these maximum bet wagers.

Keno – There are quite a few mug type bets on the Keno game more so those that offer the biggest payouts so try and avoid going for a massive payout unless you wish to throw caution to the wind as they very, very rarely come in and also play for smaller stakes as the game can quickly gobble up your money if the numbers do not come out your way! Keep a level head and try and get the maximum number of games out of your gambling budget.