Four progressive jackpots are always there for the taking when playing the Mega Moolah slot online. However, it is a slot which pays out those jackpots by a randomly awarded bonus game.

But one of the differences between that slot and most other slot games that have progressive jackpots attached to them is that it doesn\’t matter what stakes you are playing it for, as that bonus game can be awarded to any player at the end of any base game spin played off.

The lowest valued jackpots are won very frequently, however as the Mega Jackpot which is the name given to the highest valued one has a seed valued of £1 million then it does of course take quite some time to be won.

There are in fact several slots in the Mega Moolah slot series that share their jackpot pools, and as they have been online for quite some time now it is easy to work out just when on average that highest valued jackpot is won.

Based on the jackpots won previously I have worked out the average jackpot value is £5,911,201 and on average that jackpot is won every 34 days.

Being a certified random slot game there is of course no telling just when a jackpot will be won, however based on the above figures you may be best advised to wait until the jackpot is above the amount stated, as that way it will technically be overdue and you may stand a much greater chance of winning it.

If you ever do manage to beat the odds and win that jackpot then Microgaming who launched the slot will pay you out your winnings in a single lump sum payment as opposed to drip feeding you your winnings which many other slot game developers tend to do.

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