At the last count, Bee-Fee Games or BF Games as they are also known has launched over 50 casino styled games with the majority of their games being slot machines, and as such you may every now and then come across a casino site that has their range of slots on offer.

They are a company that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commissions and is also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority too, and as such they comply with the often over the top rules and regulations regarding the design of slot machines those two licensing authorities demand.

Therefore you will find each of their many slot machines which are mainly video slots are completely random in their design and having checked out the pay-out percentages that many of their slots have been set to payback, I think you are going to be suitably impressed by just how high those RTP’s are.

As for whether you will enjoy playing Bee-Fee slot machines, well that will be your decision to make, but you will have the option of playing any of their slots for free via the demo mode version of each slots long before you decide whether to give any of them some play time for real money.

Bonuses game awarding video slots tend to be the ones that I have come across that have been designed and launched by Bee-Fee games, so expect to play slots if you do give any of their slot games a whirl on which all manner of bonus games such as free spins will be awarded to you at some point.

Fully configurable staking options are something else that you will find on offer on all Bee-Fee designed slots, so if you do decide to give them a try for real money you are going to be able to set them to play for stake levels of your own choosing.

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