There is not enough time in the day for you to play every single slot you will come across at any online casinos, however you should always be making a point of playing slot games that appeal to you the most, and there will be plenty of slots that you will enjoy playing at most casino sites.

One company that has been around for quite some time now, and one that has launched all manner of uniquely themed slots is Amuzi Gaming, and when playing their range of online slots they are accessed by a web browser, so you are never required to have to download any software to give them a whirl.

But when playing any type of slot machine these days, you will not only be hoping for that once in a lifetime jackpot win, but will also be looking for a high level of excitement, and in regards to Amuzi Gaming slots those will be the ones offering one or more bonus games.

What you are going to have to get used to when playing their bonus game awarding slots though, is never knowing just when a bonus game will be triggered or whether those bonus games that you do finally trigger are going to be high paying ones or not.

I have however found that their range of high risk high variance slots are going to be the ones that do give you a chance of winnings some mega amounts of cash via their bonus games, and as such those should be the ones that you actively track down and play, for an increased level of excitement when playing them.

High variance slots though can be very hungry slots, and ones that can eat away at your bankroll in no time at all, so when playing any such slot make sure you play them for stake levels that will enable you to get a decent amount of spins out of your bankroll.

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