Some players will come cross the term Fixed Odds Slots and will immediately think they are simply the types of slot machines that are found on the fixed odds betting terminals or FOBT’s that are found in UK betting shops, but that is not the case.

A fixed odds slot is a gaming machine which works in a similar way to a standard three reel slot game, bit there is one major difference, and that is each time you play off a base game spin, one of the winning combinations that are listed on the machines pay table is guaranteed to be spin in.

That in theory sounds a perfect way to guarantee that you will always win when playing such a slot, however there is one major difference between standard three reel slots and a fixed odds slot, and that is you will need to have placed a bet on the winning combinations to get paid out the winnings associated with it.

A fixed odds slot game will allow players to pick out any, or as many of the winning combinations seen on the pay table and place a bet of any value on each of them that they fancy placing a bet on.

Once a player has chosen just how many of those winning combinations, they want to have in place on the next spin they play off, they simply need to click onto the spin button, the reels will then spin, and a winning combination will be formed.

If the winning combination that does spin in is one that a player has placed a bet on hey will then receive their winning pay-out, if it doesn’t, then they will lose the stakes they did place a bet on.

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