Mobile Poker Game

The beauty of playing any of the game which are on offer over at Lady Lucks Casino is that you are going to come across a large array of casino games that you will not have seen before let alone played and the Hi Low Poker game is one such unique game which is two games in one.

Once you have launched the game and chosen on a stake level then you are dealt a card, you simply then have to decide whether the next card in the sequence is going to be higher or lower than this card.

Mobile Poker Game

If you guess incorrectly then the game will end, however if you guess correctly then you can keep on guessing and the aim of the game is to make a poker ranked hand as you progress through the sequence.

The current paytable which is displayed on the game will show you how much you will stand to win on each ranked hand but much like in video poker games you will start to achieve winning payouts for hitting a pair of jacks or better.

This offers a great diversion from the standard casino games which you can play on your mobile phones and MFortune pride themselves on giving players a wide range of unique and varied games which will definitely add to your enjoyment of playing at this state of the art mobile casino so make sure you give them a try today if you are seeking something fresh.


Poker Playing Tips

As with any casino game which you have never played before we always recommend you play the game as a free player or guest player before laying your hard earned money down on the tables, and being a great place to play MFortune allow all players to sample their delights completely free of charge, just select the free play mode when you log in and you can play all day for free.

Make sure that the stake levels that you are playing for will give you a decent sized gambling session even if the cards are not falling your way, by dividing your bankroll into smaller sections you will then ensure you get a certain amount of games on each session you play, so divide your stake by 25, 50 or even 100 and use this as your base stake level.


Play Poker On Your Mobile

Playing the Hi Low Poker game from MFortune Casino is quick and easy and once you have the game fully installed on your mobile phone or mobile device you will be able to play it no matter where you are, so before you leave the house why not get signed up and put a few Pounds in you account so you can get straight down to business when you get the urge to play.

There are several different ways to put money directly into your MFortune Casino account but one way that players like doing just that is to have their purchases debited from their mobile phone account, this will let you play for real and settle up your purchase bill when your next mobile bill comes in!