The bet in question is the Goliath Bet and this lets you pick 8 horses or greyhounds in a race and have them fully permed together in everything for doubles right up to an eight fold accumulator.

Now then dear reader we have one of the biggest bets to introduce to you, it calls for a fairly large stake, however you are covering quite a few selections and therefore will give you some entertainment should you have an afternoon or evening spare! Your best bet to wager on sports is Bet365.

Once you pick your eight selections they are permed together to make a total of 247 separate bets, thus you need to times your stake base level by 247 to arrive at your total stake.

So in laymans terms a 1p Goliath wager will set you back £2.47 and a £1 Goliath wager will cost you a not so cheap £247! Like we say they are not for the faint hearted but they can and do return some huge amounts if you are lucky enough to pick all eight winners.

When you place a Goliath wager the first of your 247 bets are the doubles, with eight selections you are perming together 8 doubles, and this means all you need to get is two winners from your eight selection to guarantee a return!

The next batch of permutations you are covering on your Goliath wager is 56 trebles, and to get at least one treble bet to be a winner you need at least three of your eight selections to win.

Next your are covering 70 four folds in your Goliath wager, so simply hit four winners from the eight selections and you are guaranteed to have one four fold bet up along with several double bets and treble bets.

Next in your permutations are the five fold bets and when you place a Goliath wager you are covering quite a few of them in fact the total number is 56 five folds, and the returns on this kind o wager can be quite huge especially if your selections are popping in with big odds attached to them.

Next in you betting types when you place a Goliath wager are the six folds and when you pick eight selections you are covering a grand total of 28 six folds.

You will also be covering 8 seven folds and just the one single accumulator whenever you place a Goliath bet. Getting all eight winners up will result in every single one of your 247 winning and that dear reader is the key to some truly massive winning payouts.

If you happen to pick a none runner in your Goliath bet then you will need to check the rules of the bookmakers where you have placed the wager, some will let the bet stand and return the stakes on your non runners or runner and some may insert the favourite of the race where the non runner ran/”

Often you will also qualify for a bonus should all your selections win and some will give you a small cash back bonus should your selections all lose, so it really does pay to shop around when looking for a bookmaker to place your Goliath wager at!

We highly recommend Bet365 Sportsbook who are the number on betting site for UK punters. Being a major UK company you know you are always in safe hands whenever you place a wager with them and they pay very quickly!

Also Bet365 have a wide range of bonuses and special bets to give away to all new players so make sure you visit their website today for a full round up of the little extras and freebies that they have on offer.