Getting paid is when the real gambling begins for those who choose to gamble at virtual online casinos because as I already mentioned the games will be fair-odds in order to keep people coming back to the casino more than the one time when they\’d been robbed clean if the games were crooked.

Online casinos which are unscrupulous (of which there are many) not only do not pay their customers on any sizable withdrawals but the smart ones will discredit  the customer rather than just choose to not pay them.

In a minute I\’ll talk about how the casinos go about that but first I want to remind you that the casinos found on this site are safe to play and always pay all legitimate withdrawal requests as long as the player has everything right with their side of the table which means they have completed the necessary requirements to make it happen.

How Casinos Avoid Paying Winners

Unscrupulous casinos use the same methods that reputable casinos do not pay players, it is just a matter of creating an environment where the player is bound to screw up.

For instance if a player is abusive to casino support, even though there is justifiable evidence to prove the customer had every reason to be using harsh language, making threats etc,  it won\’t matter to anybody including myself.

All a casino has to do is show us one conversation where you were using foul language or making threats and nobody in a position of power or influence will lift a finger to help. Its a loser so nobody will bother with it. Next time learn to be civil under any circumstances and using the processes that are already existing, most times some sort of satisfaction can be gained, if not complete.

If a utility bill arrives to the casino security being so smudged or unreadable they can\’t be sure of it, then the security team will not approve it.

Unscrupulous casinos can claim they received the same and nobody is going to challenge them (because there are many more player frauds than there are those committed by the casinos although that said, most gambling guides like myself will look at the name of the casino and the experienced ones, like myself with ten years under my belt, can spot whether the casino is a legit one or one that is more likely to be guilty of cheating the player,  rather than it being a circumstance which is the other way around.

We as gambling guides and the sort, cannot be sure of a casino being guilty of non payment via the use of excuses about bad faxes etc,   becoming so common place a complaint by players that it is then evident the problem is with the casino and not with the player(s).